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AE and Volunteer Helpline
Martin & Downs'  brand new AE and Volunteer Helpline is the perfect solution for either AEs or volunteer leaders to get valuable feedback that's confidential and responsive. Do you have a troubling issue that you need to talk to someone that's "been there" to help you figure out how to address it? Or maybe just to vent a bit? Or maybe you just need a resource for information that you've been unable to find. Complete this online form and send it back right away. Let us know how important or urgent it is and we will do our very best to get back to you within your desired time frame.
This subscription program is available for $1000 a year, $625 for six months or $350 for three months, and includes an hour a month of listening and helping. We can help with tips and tricks and a lot more. If you need more than that, we can arrange added time in order to give you what you need.
Sign up for your subscription here and start those confidential discussions now! Once you have subscribed to the Helpline, you can complete your request here .

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