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Alice Martin and Ginger Downs bring you lifelong knowledge in association management. Individually and collectively, their expertise will help your association grow, thrive, and be exceptional.

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As we begin a new year, our message is too close to a year ago when we said we were ready for a non-COVID year. We still ready for that! We have a lot more information and tools to tackle this pandemic than we all had in 2021,

We have had a successful 2021 and have more information and tools, too, regardless of COVID. We hope you did, too. We are doing more CEO searches, and governance/organizational studies, more planning, and more leadership sessions. We hope to hear from all of you regarding your successes (and failures) from 2021 and are excited about the possibilities for all of us. 


Please take a few minutes to explore the website to see what we can do to help you overcome your challenges and succeed.

Stay safe and be well!

Alice and Ginger

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