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Alice Martin and Ginger Downs bring you lifelong knowledge in association management. Individually and collectively, their expertise will help your association grow, thrive, and be exceptional.

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As with so many of us during this trying time, we are working hard to catch up with all of the things we've been putting off and a new message to you is one of them! 

We would love to hear about the virtual activities you've been involved with - especially those that are new experiments! Everyone is trying Zoom and GoToMeeting and others to stay connected and we are, too. If you think of a message or a type of virtual training you'd like to see, and we'll give it a try! 

We have been fortunate to have a good amount of distance work already and love it - facilitating governance reviews, planning surveys, and even executive searches! So, it IS possible to move forward.

Take care, everyone, and be well.


Alice and Ginger

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