Strategic Planning Facilitation 

Every organization needs to plan for its future, and with NAR’s Core Standards, it’s a requirement to keep your charter. A thorough examination or update of where you are and where you want to be is a necessary step to charting a future course for your association’s success. This solution can be tailored to your needs and can be a one-day session or longer, depending on the scope of your plan.


We provide preparation for, facilitation, and follow-up for a variety of planning models or a combination of several. The processes include: a goals-based basic model, an issues-based process where objectives are developed based on the current, major issues facing the association, often used by those who have limited resources and little success or buy-in with strategic planning to date; an alignment model that is  helpful for associations that need to review their current plan and identify what’s working well and what needs adjustment; or a scenario-based planning that might be used for associations who want to engage in more strategic thinking and can be useful in identifying strategic issues and goals.


All planning sessions will involve some pre-session reading and completion of an electronic survey by members of the planning group. All of these processes will provide for the development or revision of goals and objectives. We'll  deliver a completed strategic plan and related report, recommended resources to assist in plan implementation.


What is best for your association? Any or a combination of the above can be tailor-made for your group and fees are reliant on the process that is determined by the association and the facilitator.

Business Planning 101 Plus

You have your plan and it looks great. But it’s not moving forward. By consulting with your association or proving an overview with tips, your plan can come alive with accountability and success. We can help you with realistic assignments and deadlines, making sure that your objectives go to the right place with clear direction. Aligning your plan with everything you do is the answer to your success!  An in-depth business planning session can be a bonus to your planning session, too.

Plan to Plan

Ready to revise your current or develop a brand new plan? Not sure where to start. This session will provide tips and resources to help you prepare for the planning process, helping your association know what tools and processes that fit your needs best.


Facilitating Change

Change! Most everyone has a tough time making necessary change happen. Associations are undergoing major changes just to stay relevant today. Can you do it by waving a magic wand? No, but by using a proven system to move your organization through significant change, you’ll have a better than average change. Schedule a session to learn more about it or make the commitment to do it while we coach you through it.


Member Survey Development and Analysis and Value Audits

A audit of your association's value to members (member survey) can be instrumental in determining association goals and is ideally completed before a planning session. This audit also can help you direct your resources into those programmatic areas that your members value the most. We are available to help you develop the survey and assist you in identifying and analyzing key results by examining key member segments to assist you in program development and communication.


Strategic Planning Resource:  

Ten Reasons Plans Fail and Other Planning Tips. If you are getting ready to develop your plan, or you have one and it’s stuck on “neutral,” some of these tips may help you reach your goals. This short 7.5 minute video explores 10 reasons plans fail, plus gives examples of common association priorities and suggestions for plan implementation. Perfect for staff and volunteer and planning committees.  Look for other planning resources here .

Governance and Structure Planning

Is your governance built to ensure your association is able to most effectively carry out your goals and objectives and move you into the future you want? Or are you bogged down with processes and structure you developed decades ago. We can help you audit your current board, committee and staff structure through surveys and analysis and help you identify desired and necessary changes.


Organizational Assessments 

An organizational assessment (structural audit) involves a thorough review of the association’s governance, staffing, services, communications, facilities, and technology. It’s an intensive evaluation of how the association is best positioned to meet its mission and provides necessary and relevant services to its members. The assessment will require extensive preparation by both association staff and the consultant prior to the onsite audit, and at least two days of onsite work by the consultant who will meet with volunteers and staff, evaluate documents and systems, and examine facilities. Both association staff and volunteer leaders will have responsibilities during the onsite assessment (interviews and meetings). This NAR assessment tool will help.


Collaboration and Shared Services

Today’s associations are constantly looking for ways to reduce expenses without decreasing valuable programming. Learning ways that you can share your services with other associations may be the answer. Shared services is not about mergers – it’s about collaborations, partnerships, and other mutually beneficial relationships among REALTOR® associations that enhance the level of service to all members and increase the association’s efficiency and productivity. We can help you explore ideas and develop plans to make this work for you! NAR has developed a great assessment tool to see what areas collaboration will help you the most.


Ensuring Relevance is Part of Your Association’s Future

Hands-on implementation of some of the great ideas from governance to an evaluation of your products and services mix suggested in the books by Harrison Coerver and Mary Byers that help associations work toward more relevance in today’s world. Stand alone or in conjunction with 1.5 – 2 day planning session.