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90-Minute Quick Picks Solutions

These 90-minute virtual sessions are perfect for leadership training, chair, and vice-chair training, and/or leadership academies.  You can also combine two of them easily to provide 3-hours of programs that will meet your association's specific needs.  Check them out!

Welcome to Leadership 

Lead like a


for local

Presidents & AEs

Can’t We Just Get Along? 

Conflict Mgmt

for Leaders

Committee Success

From Volunteer to Leader

DEI: What is it? Why Leaders Should Give It Importance

The Art of Engagement

for Board Presidents & AEs

Emotional Intelligence: The Magic Elixir for Leaders

Don’t let your Strategic Plan Turn into Dust!

Parliamentary Procedure Doesn’t Have to be Hard.

Don’t Let your Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs Ruin their Meetings!

Let this Meeting Come to Order – Basics of Parliamentary Procedures

See what a few of your peers say about our Quick Pick Solutions

​“Ginger, thank you for a fantastic 90-minute presentation at our state 2022 Leadership Summit. That was unquestionably one of the best sessions ‘ve seen about member engagement and culture. I’ve you do a lot of grata things but you outdid yourself on this one. The volunteers and AEs love it!”

- Steve Francks, RCE, CAE, CEO, Washington REALTORS®

Alice conducted a "DEI: What is it? Why Leaders Should Give It Importance" Zoom in early 2022 for my Association leaders and broker/managers. We all got a great insight into how vitally important it is to understand Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and to find ways to meaningfully incorporate DEI into the fabric of our Association. Her insights and her encouragement of frank dialogue have given my leadership team important understanding into how our DEI initiatives need to be focused moving forward."  

-Ann Rushlo, CEO, Mohawk Valley AOR, NY

Succession Planning for Volunteer Leaders

Expect the Unexpected - Succession Planning for CEOs & Staff

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