Our Solutions
Planning and Governance

There are many projects that need to be planned, but it all starts with strategic planning. Every organization needs to plan for its future, especially in today’s climate. Whether you have a plan whose goals have been met, or you don’t have one at all, a thorough examination of where you are and where you want to do is a necessary step to success through strategic planning. Planning session facilitation and other planning tools and sessions are here. 

Volunteer and Staff Leaders

You’re on the Board, Now What? Board of Directors Orientation/Retreat. This session offers leadership basics and an orientation for new or returning directors to start them off on the right foot for the coming year. Committee chairs or other interested volunteers sometimes participate.

We also offer more than basic leadership training or development solutions, such as Strategic Leadership.

Professional Standards

Professional standards procedures, Code of Ethics training, mediation, procuring cause, hearing panel training, more.

Executive Search

Whether it’s to help you with the entire executive search or parts of it, we can assist your association with finding the perfect person to help lead your association into the future. We will work with you to determine what skills and experience you’re looking for and will help you match the successful candidate with the culture of your group. Professionalism and confidentiality are key factors in a search and both will be assured with this Martin & Downs solution. For a comment about these services, review our testimonials.