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What's New

What’s New?

A new Solution from Martin and Downs: Do you need a new resume? Or does your current oneneed some pizazz? We will either develop or revise your resume for a reasonable fee.


Plus, two leadership sessions you may not have thought about:

Servant Leadership. Perfect for leadership academies, this

3-4 hour interactive course is based on the book The Servant by James Hunter.

Weaving DEI into Your Culture. This is a new addition to MD’s 90-minute remote Quick Picks and takes learning about the importance of DEI to learning about effective steps to
successful implementing it throughout your organization.

Leadership Book of the Month

Simon Sinek’s

"Start with Why"

How Great Leaders inspire Everyone to Take Action.

Many of you may have already read this wonderful book,

but it’s worth a second read! Sinek explains the importance

of knowing your why,

your organization’s and the

why of everything.

Your members will support your services if they know the

why’s of each.

Do you have a recommendation for the next book of the month?

Please click here

to share your suggestions!

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