Listen Here: Take a few moments to listen to this podcast and hear from REALTOR AE veterans Alice Martin and Ginger Downs.  The  podcast was recorded at the 2019 NAR AE Institute by DaVina Lara. 

Committee Templates and More:  In need of templates for a committee agenda, disclosures, a motion form, how to take minutes, etc.?  Here are some examples for your reference:


Committee Chair and Vice-Chair Training:

Need some ideas for materials to cover in your annual committee leadership training? Here are some ideas for you for your next session.

Planning Resources

Ten Reasons Strategic Plans Fail. Associations have varying success with developing and implementing a successful strategic plan. What can go wrong? Lots. Make sure to read this to make sure your association avoids these errors.

Action Plan Template. This template can help associations implement their strategic plans and track their progress by listing all the goals and objectives, adding tactics, deadlines, and responsible partiess.


Board Orientation/Retreats

Tips on Board of Directors Orientation:  Need some tips to freshen up your annual Board of Directors orientation program? While still serving at the Chicago Assn. of REALTORS(R), NAR asked Ginger Downs to provide a short video on the topic.

Board Orientation Basics Outline This Board of Directors Orientation/Leadership Training Outline will prompt you to cover all the key components of an orientation session for your incoming board of directors. Feel free to use it and adjust it to fit your needs.

Other Useful Resources

10 Ways To Avoid Procuring Cause Disputes is a quick look at commonsense tips for REALTORS to stay away from contentious commission disputes.

For the new Association Executive: New to the association business?   Here are tips to help you successfully launch your new role as an Association Executive.

The Power of your Point - Our Top 10 PPT Presentation Tips:

Love it or hate it, AEs all use PPT (or other presentation software) on occasion.  Here are our top 10 tips for delivering a more effective presentation.

What’s Your Value? Associations everywhere are talking about value – what is it, how to frame it, and how to communicate it. This article poses some ideas about measuring value and points out a quick way to begin to identify the benefits of each of your programs and services. (Reprinted with permission from NAR’s REALTOR® AE Magazine.)

Danger Report Associations. View the NAR Danger Report’s  Ten Dangers impacting Associations. A great resource to use for your association's planning preparation. Completion will help you identify the dangers specific to you.