Executive Search

Let us help you put the perfect person in that empty chair!

Whether it’s to help you with the entire executive search or parts of it, Martin & Downs can assist your association with finding the ideal candidate to help lead your association into the future. We'll work with you to determine what skills and experience you’re looking for and will help you match the successful candidate with the culture of your group. Professionalism and confidentiality are key factors in a search and both will be assured with this service.


We will offer you the best search facilitation you've ever imagined!

What they're saying about Martin & Downs search facilitation:


"It is my great pleasure to recommend the firm of Martin & Downs Consulting for your consideration. Over the years I have worked both Alice Martin and Ginger Downs and have observed their work with others.

Recently, the Massachusetts Association of Realtors® engaged their firm to support the search for a new Executive Vice President. As Chair of the Selection Task Force I saw first hand how their ability to understand the needs of multiple stakeholders and to articulate clearly the needs of their clients were impressive. Additionally, their ability to leverage their considerable networking skills lead to a smooth and successful process.  We could not be more pleased with their efforts, insights and skills. If you have a chance to work with Alice and Ginger, seize the opportunity."

David Peretti

Chair of the Selection Task Force for the Massachusetts Association of Realtors®

"Martin and Downs did an excellent job of researching our needs and providing a clear and concise procedure for hiring a new CEO. Their vast experiences in the field were extremely helpful and provided the good insight we needed. I would highly recommend their services for a CEO search."


Annie Blatz

Past President

Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®

"My journey began with Ginger Downs very early on. Ginger was amazing in helping me and my team to stay focused. Alice was also brought in to help us to make some great decisions prior to SEARCH. The care and concern and expertise was amazing and so very helpful in a very successful search. My personal thanks to both of you during a very difficult time and helping to pave the way for success." 


Rita Coffey

2018 President

Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®

"Regarding our new CEO, we are doing very well. We are in a much better place in terms of morale and having a sense of purpose at the staff level. We absolutely love our new CEO and think you did a wonderful job. Thank you so much for your efforts. I am grateful that you “heard” us and represented us very well in helping clarify outstanding issues and you opened up a dialogue between us and the leadership team. It was rough but so needed with all the changes we have been experiencing over the last several months. Today we are bridging any gaps positively."

State Association Staffer


"As a Past President of the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS®, I was selected to chair our Search Committee when it was time to hire a new AE for our Association.  We decided to hire a facilitator to help us stay on track and to guard against any liability in the hiring process.  We did our due diligence and interviewed a few facilitators and ultimately decided on hiring Alice Martin.  Alice was an excellent choice for our Association.  She helped immensely with the entire process from setting up the initial ad to be posted on all message boards to developing the educational and background criteria for the potential candidate.  She assisted in developing interview questions and created a scoring system for us to use during the interview process.  She was also instrumental with analyzing the candidates background and helped us to reach our ultimate hiring conclusion.  I would strongly recommend considering Alice Martin and am happy to provide this recommendation and review."


Frank Jacovini, ePRO, GRI           
2016 PAR Search Committee Chair

Broker of Record, Howard Hanna Philadelphia Realty


"I have known Alice for many years as a colleague and an association executive whose association hired her to do programs for us. She was always professional and knowledgeable as she presented information and tips for our members. Most recently when I underwent over 60 search processes while looking for the perfect job, I found Alice’s to be the best. You would benefit by engaging her executive search services."

Malcolm Young, Georgia REALTOR®, Former Tennessee

Real Estate Commissioner, Former CEO,

Louisiana REALTORS® Association