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Volunteer and Staff Leadership Solutions

Martin & Downs offers a wide variety of solutions for helping both volunteer and staff leaders thrive:

We promise we can provide the training, updates, plans, innovative programming and whatever else you think could interest and excite volunteer and staff leaders! We cover the gamut and ALWAYS apwns time with you to customize our training. Whether the training is in-person or remote – 90-minutes (see our Quick Pick Solutions) or 6 hours, we will hit the mark.

 Board retreats: strategic leadership, leadership styles and behaviors, responsibilities,
fiduciary duties, positive culture, and many more Board-related topics
 Committee and meeting management
 Volunteer recruitment and development
 Parliamentary Procedures
 Conflict resolution and consensus building 
 Member engagement (enhancing the experience)
 Member survey/value audit development and/or assistance
 Working with challenging leaders
 Change management and transition
 Collaboration and cooperation at all levels
 Strategic and business planning and plan implementation tools
 Staff training and development
 Understanding and promoting member value
 Exceptional Leadership course
 You name it…we will develop a leadership course for you!

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See what a few of your peers say about our work in Volunteer and Staff Leadership Solutions

“Most people are not excited to attend training on Governance.  When our previous speaker elicited comments such as "It was so boring and awful and felt like receiving a red-hot poker to the eye," we knew we had to find a new speaker, and Alice Martin was an awesome referral. The comments after Alice's presentation speak for themselves: "Phenomenal," "I wasn’t looking forward to four hours of Governance, but she made the time go fast"  "Took a dry subject and made it interesting." Alice was a joy to work with, and we were very pleased with how she customized her presentation to be particularly relevant to our Association and audience.  She was very well prepared and reviewed copious amounts of our proprietary material to ensure that she hit the nail on the head with the objectives we wanted to achieve. Would we hire Alice again?  In a heartbeat.”

- Dave Stefanides, CEO, Orange County REALTORS®

"I cannot say enough good things about Ginger Downs.  She is the consummate association management professional and, as importantly, she is a gifted presenter and facilitator. I have asked Ginger many times to speak to our local REALTOR® association executives and volunteer leadership in Washington State, and I recommend her services without hesitation. Ginger is a pleasure to work with for many reasons:  Her experience and expertise is unsurpassed. Her presentations are well-organized, interesting and relevant. Her demeanor is spot on; she respects her audience, understands them, and speaks their language. She delivers useful information and ideas that AE’s and leaders can implement immediately, regardless of membership size. And her background and experience is so diverse and deep that she can cover almost any topic that may be needed. I look forward to many years of continuing to work with Ginger Downs"

- ​Steve Francks, CEO, Washington REALTORS®

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