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Power of Partnership

As Ginger and I begin our business partnership, I must reflect

on the word itself and how important it is to EVERYTHING we all do. We are all partners in our personal relationships, in our businesses, our professional worlds with other association executives and with leaders, members, and vendors.

The definition says it all: the state of being a partner or partners. "we should go on working together in partnership" an association of two or more people as partners."

synonyms: cooperation · association · collaboration · coalition · alliance · union · compact · league · confederation · co-partnership · affiliation · relationship · fellowship · connection ·

business or firm owned and run by two or more partners.

synonyms: company · firm · business · corporation · organization · association · consortium

What do those words mean to all of us? I think it means that partnership is the first step to success - both in business and life. If we add our individual talents to the whole, we are stronger in every way. If, for example, our government representatives at all levels worked with each other - partners to achieving the same goals - just think how much more could be accomplished. It's the same in the REALTOR organization. We usually can agree upon the goals, but how to reach them often ends up with conflict and no results.

We encourage you to enter into productive partnerships, too. Look for ways to effectively collaborate with other REALTOR associations, community and business groups, and local government officials. Cohesive coalitions to address common challenges can take you much further than you could do on your own. You will benefit from partnerships as will your members.

Ginger and I don't always agree, but we are committed to building true consensus in everything we do. Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers, and that's YOU.

Thanks for reading and look forward to a monthly blog - shared between us in alternate months. And let us know what's bugging you. It helps us form relevant and helpful ideas to share with everyone as partners!

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