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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Upon my retirement at the end of April as the CEO of the Chicago Association of REALTORS®, and after 35 years as a REALTOR® Association Manager, I have transitioned to a wonderful opportunity to partner with my colleague and dear friend, Alice Martin. Together, we form a great team to help associations find business solutions to improve their performance and better meet member needs.

In this new role, I was asked to do several AE presentations on running a more effective and efficient association. Several years ago, I developed such a program entitled, “Work Smarter…Not Harder”, so I took it off the electronic shelf, dusted it off and updated it.

The focus of the presentation is to work smarter by embracing a 3-step process:

1. Gather and analyze information:

  • Understand members’ key needs, constraints and environments.

  • Ensure your services provide value and create relevancy.

2. Utilize systems:

  • Put planning and technology in place to increase organization efficiency and effectiveness.

3. Leverage resources thru collaboration:

  • Participating in, and initiating, partnerships with other organizations for mutual benefit.

It is a process that is scalable for any size association and addresses the real-world issues of a lack of time, resources, staffing, and the money to do all that your leadership wants you to do.

As a part of the update, I sent a survey to over 600 REALTOR® AEs and asked them to share the top 3 technology tool they can’t live without. Fifteen percent responded, providing a compilation of over 50 tools.

Check out the survey results, linked here. My goal is that you find 2-3 new technology resources you can utilize them, starting today.

Interested in having me present “Work Smarter…Not Harder” to the AEs in your national, regional or state association? Just contact me at

Here is to your business success!

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